15 Top Team Building Ideas & Activities

15 Top Team Building ideas & activities

How to plan team building activities that don’t suck: some ideas

Luckily, options for team building in London are better than they’ve ever been. Londonlaunch has an expansive list of team building venues and suppliers who offer amazing experiences. Leave bland boardrooms, truth circles and trust-falls to the kids’ camps – get excited about cocktail masterclasses, relaxing retreats, enjoying crisp beverages on stylish rooftops, or literally breaking the ice. 

Choose the right team building activity

With so many choices, how do you narrow them down? The key to successful team building lies in choosing something best suited to your unique team. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Set clear objectives

Different types of activities lend themselves to different outcomes, so keep your objectives top-of-mind. Do you want better synergy between departments? Learning and development? Or simply rewarding your team for their hard work? Let your objectives guide your choice.

Consider your team’s headspace

To decide on the right activity, think about the current mindset of your team. Are they tired and strung out? Probably not the best time to put them on a literal rollercoaster or a full day intensive workshop. Got a new team just getting to know each other? Group massages could get a little bit uncomfortable.

Involve your team

People have strong opinions about team building – and they should be allowed to voice them (sans eye rolls). Get your team to help create a shortlist of the top three team building ideas. Then let everyone rank the options in order of preference and tally the results.

Do something different

Don’t choose activities your team could do any other day. Nudge them (ever so slightly) out of their comfort zones for an unexpected team building experience that gets them interacting with each other differently.

Don’t make it awkward

Don’t be a David Brent-type manager who forces the worst team-building clichés on their team. Be respectful of boundaries and don’t make anyone do anything they really don’t want to do. And finally, leave kids’ games to the kids.

Top team building ideas

Now that you have a better idea of what you might be looking for, let’s dive into our guide to some of the best team building ideas in the London area:


They say high-adrenaline activities bring people closer together – and we tend to agree. If you want to really see another side to your colleagues, get them to tackle a high-energy challenge together.

Gilwell Park London

There aren’t many team building venues where you can be both totally refined and also completely let loose. But then there’s Gilwell Park. It has a stunning Georgian country house with acres of woodland where you can have free reign to do your best Tarzan impression on the zip-wire or get grubby in the mud.

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Team Sport Indoor Karting

See who can set the fastest lap time on your team, or challenge The Stig himself. Team Sport Indoor Karting is an ideal combination of work and play.

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Go Ape

There’s something about dangling above the ground at dangerous heights that forces excellent teamwork. Go Ape’s zip wires are a fun way to build trust and forget about spreadsheets for a few hours. Available at Battersea Park and Trent Park.

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“The way to solid teamwork is through the stomach.” – Anon. Okay, no one actually said that, but we think there’s something to it. Delicious culinary (and cocktail) experiences have their own way of bringing people together.

Wine Discovery

Ever been to a wine tasting and thought to yourself: “Enough with the boring information, bring on the wine!” Of course you have. Wine Discovery gets this. They strip out the snobbery and make wine tasting experiences that are both fun and delicious.

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Studio 88

Come for the music, stay for the food. Studio 88 offers a unique take on social dining with California Cones offering an array of flavour infusions and textures. You can also enjoy a 6-course set menu with some prosecco or take part in cocktail masterclasses.

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Let’s be honest. Office cubicles are not catalysts for game-changing ideas. Stepping away from the usual spaces can make all the difference when it comes to trying to shift perceptions and encourage connections.

Saatchi Gallery

If you need a space to inspire creativity, it doesn’t get much better than this. Surround your team with world-renowned contemporary art while you set your FY targets.

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Fashioned as an urban lawn club for the summer, Skylight offers rooftop croquet, pétanque courts and even a virtual penalty shoot-out – all with exceptional views of the London skyline. In winter, this venue is a rooftop ice rink.

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Glaziers Hall

Glaziers Hall was built in 1808 and now boasts an impressive fusion of contemporary touches. It offers two stunning riverside rooms with incredible views across the Thames. As if the setting wasn’t enough, this venue also features a bespoke wine cellar and is a must for wine-tasting events.

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Sometimes the best reward for hard work is a break from it all. Taking your team out of the city or bringing the pampering to them can be just what they need.

Splash & Tickle

The only fully mobile spa in the world can come to you and transform any event space into a pamper journey of note. Complete with pools, saunas, steam pods and complementary therapy and bar services, this is simply divine.

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Yew Tree Farmhouse

Escape to the country for some fresh air, rolling lawns and old-school charm. Yew Tree Farmhouse has all the facilities for productive team sessions indoors or outdoors – and even a play barn for breaks in between.

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Even the office wet-blanket won’t be able to resist cracking a bit of a smile and getting involved in these out-of-the-box activities.

Ice Breakers

Did you know you can literally break ice to ‘break the ice’ with your co-workers? The goal is to work together toward a creative outcome with your team while carving ice sculptures.

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Green Hat People

With 12 years’ experience in game design, these guys know how to take any team building event from uninspired to incredible. They offer scavenger hunt challenges, escape games, ice-breakers and much more.

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Lucky Voice

Can you say you ever really ‘know’ your colleagues until you’ve heard them belt out Beyoncé’s Single Ladies? Lucky Voice is a unique karaoke experience where you can book a pod for your team and sing your hearts out while enjoying food and drinks service at the touch of a button.

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Fancy a wild goose chase? Take a traditional treasure hunt and combine it with innovative technology for an inspired, engaging challenge designed to get your team working together. Indoor or outdoor, fully customizable options available.

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The team building possibilities truly are endless with Londonlaunch. Use our easy-to-use filters and categories to explore our growing directory of potential options. Browse Team Building Venues and Team Building Suppliers. Remember to mention Londonlaunch when enquiring to ensure the best price ;)

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