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Traditional Christmas Party Venues in London

Check out this list of Traditional Christmas Party Venues in London

Let's face it, who doesn't like a good, old-fashioned, traditional Christmas?

Yes we all like the new, the funky and the whacky as well as the downright weird (and by heck do we know there are some weird places out there in London?) but when it comes to the second most important party of the year (after your birthday of course) then you can't really go wrong with traditional.

Now the thing is, if you're going to go traditional then please, people, put a bit of effort in. Don't just have turkey, trimmings and crackers...NO go the whole hog and engulf yourself in British tradition with a beautiful, magnificent and classically British venue. After all, overseas folk pay a small fortune to experience a slice of British tradition. So when its THE time of year for traditions and they're on your doorstep, then surely...SURELY, this is the time to indulge your team in some good old-fashioned traditional British magnificence?
Of course, it doesn't stop at the venue, there are other elements to consider as well including food, drink, entertainment, decorations and transport but at the centre of it all is, of course, the venue.
So, let us sprinkle you with a few of London's finest traditional event venues. It's only a few mind, so if we've tweaked your creative juices then head over to the site and filter by category and you will find a whole heap more.

Let's take you on a short tour of some of London's finest:

First up is:

Grand Connaught Rooms

Describing itself as opulent, stylish, sophisticated and glamorous, this beauty pretty much has it all. Location is bang on in the centre of Covent Garden, its Grand Hall is iconic and there's even a roof terrace to provide calm when all the Christmas revelry is kicking off below.
What's not to like about this venue which ticks pretty much ALL the Traditional boxes.

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Pullman St Pancras

Back in the day, before events were a real 'thing' and it was all about the party, there weren't that many places to go for the Christmas Party. You either headed to the pub (happy about that), the local restaurant (oooh, must have been a good year!) or if you worked for a really swanky company you headed to the local hotel. Hotels pretty much had the event market sewn up (and they still dominate) so the traditional Christmas Party would be at the local hotel. So Hotels have a great history and tradition for hosting your Chrismas party and let's face it, you're pretty hard pushed to find a venue that has everything that a hotel has got. Great food and kitchens on tap and in-house (none of that "caterer has gone home" nonsense), 24-hour bars, amazing rooms and even, bedrooms........(ahem, moving on).
Let us introduce you to The Pullman. Traditional Hotel with a twist of modernity, style and location.

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Stationers' Hall

When it comes to Traditional, Stationers' Hall really does have the full package. It's a Grade 1 listed building and located in the heart of the City next to St.Paul's. It's also one of the few remaining ancient Livery Halls and offers a seamless blend of warmth and grandeur as well as some practical elements such as 4 interconnecting rooms. Christmas at Stationer's Hall will see you bathing in ancient 

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The Law Society / 113 Chancery Lane

How about a venue with over 180 years of history and tradition serving one of the most traditional and respected industries in the world?
Yep - you can actually hire the Law Society for your Christmas Party - crazy isn't it? Mock trial anyone? Now that would be a fun Christmas party theme (but don't overstep the mark!)
A Grade 2 neo Georgian Hall, you can get a sense of heritage from the moment you pass through the grand portico for your event. The ideal location for all you city folk who don't want to travel too far.

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The Goring Hotel

Did someone say Traditional?
Did someone say Royal family?
They kinda go hand in hand, don't they?
Rumour has it that The Goring, one of the most traditional luxury hotels (still family owned as well which is a rarity these days) played host to a certain bride's wedding party the night before the big day. They might have met at university and he might be the future King of England (and Wales) but I don't think I'm allowed to say.
Either way, I'm not sure you can get more Traditional than a hotel used by the Royal family...bang in the centre of Belgravia. Go on, you've had a good year.......treat your staff to a beaut of a Christmas Party. After the Goring has treated you to its impeccable manners and a subtle streak of wit and humour - you can let your hair down and put on your dancing shoes in nearby West End. PERFECT.

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Founders' Hall

You thought 180 years was old, how about 650 years? That's how old Founders Hall is, not to mention the fact that it's located on one of the oldest streets in London. If you have any connection to the metal industry (bronze and brass specifically) then this venue has just simply GOT to be on your list of possibles. I'm guessing by now that if you're still reading this blog Traditional Venues really are on your list and you can't really go wrong with a 650-year-old Livery Hall (London does those sooo well)

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