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Shout About London are THE London events specialist.
Dedicated to a sole focus: to combine our love for London, with a passion for eliciting emotion (and the joy of life) through events, engagement, and experiences; in the greatest City in the world.

Through our network of property developers, government officials, customers, clients and friends, we have access to some of the most incredible and unique ideas and locations London has to offer.

We hosted the first ever commercial event in the Nave at Southwark Cathedral (in its 900 year history), the first event in the Arch Bishop of Canterbury's private Library at Lambeth Palace and the first event on City Island, before it was even built.

No, it’s not all about being first, but it is all about creating a draw and delivering on that all important return on investment.

What events can we help with? Well, the list is always growing:
• Digital product launches for tech companies like Ve Interactive
• Activations for global brands like Sky Media
• Special events for market leaders like Advertising Week Europe
• Incentives for forward thinking companies like Salesforce
• High profile conferences for industry heavyweights including: ISS, PR Newswire and Dunnhumby.
• Endless Summer and Christmas Parties, team building events that people actually plead to attend, raucous nights out, incredible album launches and, well, the list goes on.

Give us a Shout and let’s make some noise!

Why London

We believe London is the greatest City in the World, and if you’re going to produce an event, why would you chose anywhere else. When you can bring your passion to a true metropolis and paint your ideas, your brand, your soul, onto the most flexible canvass in the world. Where else can you walk/skate/cycle through so many different districts, each feeling like their own Country, with their own vibe and their own identity. Where else can you take in such stark contrasts from East to West, from North to South.
It’s true, we’re not bathing in 100 degree heat every day… but if you’ve ever seen Holland Park on a beautiful Autumn day, the West End light up at Christmas, or the Spring’s welcome shine reflect off the surface of the Thames, why would you want it to?
London is not just a place to visit, it’s a place to yearn for, a place to replicate, the place to be!
The stunning architecture makes the buildings sing out on the skyline. If you listen close enough, you can hear the History of London (and the world) dancing in the wind.
The freedom of creativity ripples through the undercurrent of the populous and boundaries are
torn down and shifted, always moving, never stagnant.
You can be who you want to be, live how you want to live and dare to dream of a future with no barriers and nothing to hold you back.

So, let us take you by the hand and lead you through….

Why We Shout

As you can see, we love London and in our job, we have direct access to some of the most exciting events and crazy nights out you can imagine. We’re in hardhats and boots almost every week (that would be a mental night), touring derelict sites, new Hotels, refurbishing bars, one-off concepts, you name it. We’re always one of the first through the door. Why? To give our clients the first bite of the cherry? To Shout About what’s coming up in London and build our name? To create a larger network? Well, yes, yes and yes. However, the main reason, is simpler than that: it’s because we absolutely love it. We want to know what’s going on in our City. We want to get to know the people behind the ‘next big thing’. We want to give back to the City that has given us so much.
With your help, perhaps we can.

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