Smith and Sinclair

The Hoxton Basement, 12-18 Drysdale Street, N1 6ND

Smith & Sinclair are leaders in creating multi-sensorial experiences through installations and consumables which engage guests, to build excitement & curiosity More info...

Smith & Sinclair Presents The Flavour Gallery.
A multi-sensorial experience inviting you to tickle a taste and suck a scent by consuming art in ways you never imagined.

Step inside and be prepared to interact with art that changes colour, diffuses delightful smells and reacts to its audience. Featuring some of the globe’s most awe-inspiring artists including Terry Pastor, London Loom, Anja Predojevic and more, each commissioned to create interactive artwork which plays on what a gallery is traditionally understood to be.

Head on through to the bar where Smith & Sinclair have partnered with liqueur experts Lanique, to showcase a range of new and innovative bespoke cocktails. The entire menu will play with Lanique’s delicate blend of ingredients that have been refined and perfected over centuries. Additionally, a range of non-alcoholic cocktails will be available, blended with one of the leading soft drink specialists, Firefly.

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  • 07956376490
The Hoxton Basement,12-18 Drysdale Street,N1 6ND