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Summer event ideas

Christabel's summer cocktail ideas

In my busy and varied life of understanding, working in and with London's events market, I occasionally come across a company that seems to have "nailed it" the millennials say.

Life these days is all about experiences and that's why the events sector is booming. Creating great events is all about making people 'feel' something: Inspired, energised, belief, excited, wowed or just plain, good old-fashioned happy. It's no wonder we're all looking for ways to 'feel' something positive. There's plenty of good news out there but at the same time, life is quite tough so 'feeling' something positive is a real tonic in today's world. It's a sought after pass time. Just check out all the various bars and clubs that aren't just offering drinks and food but experiences: you can drink, eat and chat with your mates whilst playing: golf, darts, ping pong (wiff-waff), singing.....the list goes on. I even heard of a local pub in Bristol creating a specialist crisp event. yep, an event dedicated to the humble crisp. People aren't that fussed about getting blottoed these days (unless they're from Wales or Newcastle) but us southern softies are more into our experiences. We've always been in touch with our inner zen and that seems to have transcended into the bar, club and going out culture. Only yesterday I heard a report that we're drinking less but better quality. Let's hear it for premium brands rather than watered down lager like you get in certain establishments!!!!!


One company that seems to have really nailed the experiences element and the job of making feel good is the wonderful, funny, creative and most importantly of all FUN lady called Christabel Beeson. She runs a company called, wait for it.......Christabel's.
Christabel has taken the whole concept of experience, creativity and quirkiness, making sure there's the vital ingredient of fun as the base and created event experiences that anyone, literally ANYONE can take part in. Whatever your event, size of style - she has something for you.
Christabel's are the creators of bespoke parties and workshops, and the owners of three stunning mobile cocktail bars which produce unique, delicious and visually exciting cocktails.
What started off as a bit of fun with cocktail making classes with weird and random ingredients has grown into a fully fledged events business that sees her hiring out her bikes, ambulances (old fashioned ones) and bars to anyone who wants to add that extra bit of sparkle and fun to their event. And it seems that plenty of big brands totally get it. Christabel has worked with some top brands including Dove, Nike, MTV, Versace, Coach, Kurt Geiger.....the list goes on so she has not only caught these brand's imagination but she seems to be able to deliver to a very exacting standard. I can't imagine any of the above labels would settle for anything less than 5star delivery and service, not to mention the creativity that is at the heart of everything Christabel does. I've met Christabel and she's VERY engaging and charming. She's a real listener and a true creative in a world where we're all looking for that special something that will make us 'feel'..........good. Well, Christabel has it in abundance.

So now you know. My favourite phrase in events is "people don't know what they don't know". I think it was Donald Rumsfeld that originally spoke about known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns during the US's (and the UK's) role in the Iraq war. I hated the war but I loved how he articulated his conundrum. Our job at Londonlaunch is to help you, the event organiser, the event planner, the event creator of help you discover the unknown unknowns. Without us, how would you ever know? Here's one and everything she does is a beaut.

To check out more her ideas and concoctions, go to Christabel's web page directly