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Our famous list of Top 10s. There's do's, don'ts, maybes and a whole host of informative (and not so serious) Top 10's. All to do with events of course ;-)


Christmas sorted: Why London's Livery Halls are the must-book venues of the season

If you’re looking for wow-factor and grandeur for your Christmas event this year, there are few venues as magnificent as the Livery Halls in London. The original ‘venue’ spaces in the city, they’re steeped in history and tradition, some dating back as far as the Middle Ages.

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Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas

So here we are, it's October and we're talking about Christmas. It's like the adverts that come on TV this time of year and everyone always says the same thing "I cant believe they're advertising Christmas already, its ridiculous" It's not ridiculous, its Christmas. The best time of year, come on people feel the festivity

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Top 10 Tech innovations for events and beyond

Technology isn’t even a thing anymore. It’s an ever present pre-requisite to the extent that we don’t even realise it’s happening. Until our battery goes. Then it’s a rage-inducing festival of fury.

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Top 10 mistakes made by event planners

In the colourful, frantic and precarious world of events there's a fine line between success and absolute catastrophic disaster. In an age where everyone fancies themselves as a 'professional' event planner, there are just so many factors to consider and so many things that can (and almost certainly will) go wrong if you don't know what you're doing!

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Top 10 Venues with Spas

There's nothing quite like a spa to show that you really care. Even if you really don't! Any form of preening, pampering, massaging, manipulating or genuine enforced relaxation will be well received by, well, pretty much everyone.

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The 10 most mysterious venues in London

Everyone wants to be different but not many people dare to be different. It's very important to stand out and stake your claim to possibly the only thing that's rightfully and unequivocally yours - your unique character. "Today you are you, that is truer th

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Top 10 Themed Venues

When we were kids there was something magical about parties. When even a small group of friends get together it creates a joyous dynamic, the likes of which is hard to fabricate. In fact, you simply can't fake it!

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10 Best BIG Venues in London

There was a time when big used to be beautiful. Like a Renaissance painting used to celebrate neo-classical big-ass beauty (erm...literally), Christmas parties in particular were not worth going to if they weren't what was (rather gloriously) referred to as a 'big, brash business-bash!'

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Top 14 Romantic Restaurants in London

It's that time of year again! The one time of year that you can be a bit of a stalker (legally) and tell someone (albeit secretly) that you like them without feeling like an idiot! On the flip side, however long you've been with someone and however regularly you do sporadic romantic things, it's one night when you're expected to do what everyone else does.

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London's best American restaurants

With Thanksgiving fast approaching as well as an on-trend Star Spangled Christmas season looming, here’s our roundup of London’s best American restaurants and venues for events this festive season and beyond…