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Unusual Venues

Hire me a river London’s best riverside venues

In most major cities on earth - from Paris to Chicago, from Milan to Cairo, the river is a natural focal point, a natural feature to which one naturally gravitates. Indeed, the river is the common denominator within any prominent city as it was the great, snaking waterways that sat at the heart of industry, and were essential to the thriving commerciality of their respective cities, which evolved, thrived and grew up around it.

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

7 secrets to public speaking

Follow these top tips on public speaking and the audience will be eating out of your hand. Anyone can do it, follow our advice to help you master your nerves and enjoy the ride!

Unusual Venues

Top 10 out of town venues

Venues outside of London offer impressive event spaces - from castles to forts, vineyards to theme parks and islands to aircraft hangars.

Events Londonlaunch

All the small things…10 cool little event ideas

Events are everything in the digital age. Face to face is more valuable than ever before because it’s almost a novelty. In many ways it’s almost like everything’s the wrong way round…


Journey to the Center of the World

When I announced that I was taking team Londonlaunch to Center Parcs for a day (and night) of fun-fuelled and action-packed adventure, the excitement was instantly palpable. In fact, so much so that it's safe to say we couldn't have been more up for it if we'd have been off to Jurassic World...


Event Trends For 2018

It’s been a massive year for Londonlaunch. In fact, in our fifteen-year history, it’s been the biggest, busiest and most event-full twelve-month period on record. By a long way.

Banquet Londonlaunch

Rooftops and secret gardens 8 of our favourites!

London is almost unbearably hot at the moment, especially if you're confined to the office or, worse still, the tube! However, aside from having some of the most beautiful and surprisingly spacious parks in almost all the world, London also has an array of magical, sometimes super-secret outdoor spaces which are perfect for spectacular, memorable and often breath-taking summer events. So, the hotter the better!

Big Ben Londonlaunch

'Eventertainment' how to animate your events

Despite their alleged rudeness and famed 'in-hospitability', the French have a knack for telling it like it is. And they have fewer words for things. Having done French A-level (a fairly pointless exercise, it turns out) I have first hand experience of the fact that French is quite rigid and doesn't seem to evolve that freely.

Christmas Londonlaunch

10 Alternative Christmas Ideas

When it comes to Christmas, everyone wants to be different. Except it turns out you probably don't. That's because being different sounds like a great idea until you realise that it's more trouble than it's worth and you end up booking another rubber chicken dinner!

Conferences Londonlaunch

Top 10 Alternative Conference Venues

Conferences are usually three things. Essential, long-winded and boring. It's almost inevitable because it's so difficult to be all things to all people. A topic which some find stimulating, others will find sleep-inducing, it's just the way it is.