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Conferences Londonlaunch

10 Un Conventional Conference Ideas

Key ingredients that make your next conference a memorable one if a little unconventional. Venues, entertainment, production, food and technology all play a big part in making sure your conference delegates leave wanting more.

Unusual Venues

Transport Your Guests To A Whole New Realm

Event delegates are increasingly demanding and difficult to please, let alone amaze, mesmerize, tantalise and enthrall! Taking your guests to zones one and two is so last year! These days you need to transport your delegates to another world to really free their minds and get them truly engaged.


Event Trends For 2018

It’s been a massive year for Londonlaunch. In fact, in our fifteen-year history, it’s been the biggest, busiest and most event-full twelve-month period on record. By a long way.

Banquet Londonlaunch

Events Not an Exact Science...

Imagine your perfect venue. What boxes would it have to tick? Somewhere conveniently located? Somewhere suitably inspiring? Somewhere flexible? Somewhere fun? Somewhere cool? Somewhere your guests will really want to go to?

Events Londonlaunch

Unveil the secrets of PAs in events

A few years ago my sister was PA to the Chairman of a National newspaper. In her finest hour she sent him and his senior management to a pivotal meeting in Poland.

Events Londonlaunch

Event Trends 2018 (2014 - the year in review)

2014 has been a sensational year for the events industry. There have been more corporate events staged and more venues, hotels, restaurants and event service providers booked by event organisers than any other time in the past five years.

Events Londonlaunch

Events in the Olympic Park

Unique corporate days out at the Olympic Park – cycle round the velodrome, shoot the white water rapids and experience adrenaline-fueled Olympian sports.


Old school magnificence

A few weeks ago I re-visited Rugby School for the first time in twenty years. It was an unofficial reunion which was attended by all the naughtiest boys (and sixth form girls) and none of us had changed.

Events Londonlaunch

“Eventhouses” Entertaining on top of the world!

The Penthouse at 9 Eaton Square, Belgravia, was my not-so-shabby digs during school exeats. On one side we had Roger Moore and on the other, my bedroom overlooked Lord Lloyd Webber’s high-level conservatory, complete with customary white grand piano. I like to think we were rather good (if a little stalkerish) neighbours.

Big Ben Londonlaunch

'Eventertainment' how to animate your events

Despite their alleged rudeness and famed 'in-hospitability', the French have a knack for telling it like it is. And they have fewer words for things. Having done French A-level (a fairly pointless exercise, it turns out) I have first hand experience of the fact that French is quite rigid and doesn't seem to evolve that freely.

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