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When we started organising events about fifteen years ago it was easy. It was easy because, even then, the market was far less sophisticated. In fact, most venues and suppliers didn't even have their own website back then and, if they did, dial-up connections meant it was quicker to jump on the tube for a look round than try to upload the images on your PC.

Those days were instrumental in the formation of because every time we needed to organise an event, a product launch, a premiere, a fashion show, whatever; all we did was email each other for advice. What's more, all the advice we ever got was to use one of the same three venues and the same caterer. Oh how the world has moved on...!

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Christmas sorted: Why London's Livery Halls are the must-book venues of the season

If you’re looking for wow-factor and grandeur for your Christmas event this year, there are few venues as magnificent as the Livery Halls in London. The original ‘venue’ spaces in the city, they’re steeped in history and tradition, some dating back as far as the Middle Ages.

Team Building Londonlaunch

15 Top Team Building ideas & activities for 2018

There are three types of co-workers. Those who love team building activities and are the first to ‘volunteer as tribute’. Those who’d do anything to avoid it (cue the suspiciously sudden onset of the flu). And finally, those who are just there for the free drinks. The importance of team building lies in the way it can help create a happy work environment with people who better understand each other – and, dare we say it, actually enjoy each other’s company. We know the end result is worth it, but at Londonlaunch, we also understand coming up with exciting and non-cringe team building ideas is not easy (we see those eye rolls, Susan from sales).

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10 Unconventional Conference Ideas

Key ingredients that make your next conference a memorable one if a little unconventional.

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Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas

So here we are, it's October and we're talking about Christmas. It's like the adverts that come on TV this time of year and everyone always says the same thing "I cant believe they're advertising Christmas already, its ridiculous" It's not ridiculous, its Christmas. The best time of year, come on people feel the festivity

Conferences Londonlaunch

Top 10 Alternative Conference Venues

Conferences are usually three things. Essential, long-winded and boring. It's almost inevitable because it's so difficult to be all things to all people. A topic which some find stimulating, others will find sleep-inducing, it's just the way it is.

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All the small things…10 cool little event ideas

Events are everything in the digital age. Face to face is more valuable than ever before because it’s almost a novelty. In many ways it’s almost like everything’s the wrong way round…

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Staging a Conference in an Unusual or Unique Venue

Event delegates are increasingly demanding and difficult to please, let alone amaze, mesmerize and enthrall! These days it’s not so much about taking your delegates to a functional venue, rather you need to transport your delegates to another world to really free their minds and get them truly engaged.

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Do Something Completely Different This October

Take your hospitality to a New Found Level… In the vibrant and diverse world of Hospitality, where to take your clients, friends or VIP guests used to be the million-dollar question. Well, things have moved on somewhat and, as people become harder to surprise, inspire, engage and amaze, where to entertain is now, officially, the 63 billion dollar question.

Unusual Venues

Transport Your Guests To A Whole New Realm

Event delegates are increasingly demanding and difficult to please, let alone amaze, mesmerize, tantalise and enthrall! Taking your guests to zones one and two is so last year! These days you need to transport your delegates to another world to really free their minds and get them truly engaged.

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Top 10 Tech innovations for events and beyond

Technology isn’t even a thing anymore. It’s an ever present pre-requisite to the extent that we don’t even realise it’s happening. Until our battery goes. Then it’s a rage-inducing festival of fury.