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Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Best 'Best Man' speeches

The best thing about a wedding is the speeches. Like the wedding itself, the speeches represent an almost disproportionally extravagant and often over-embellished aspect largely uncharacteristic of 'private' events. Putting it simply a wedding is the one big-spend private event that rivals, if not surpasses even the most spectacular of corporate events. And that's because of the ingredients

Meetings Londonlaunch

Best venues for breakfast meetings

Seal the deal over breakfast with our selection of London’s best venues for breakfast meetings, from a cool Soho club to the penguin beach at ZSL London Zoo.


Best Viral videos & event tech ideas

The world has changed. Conspicuous consumption has been replaced by conspicuous frugality. Corporate advertising has been replaced by real reviews from networks and peer groups.

Christmas Londonlaunch

Christmas Parties what are the options?

I learnt a new phrase this week from an inspirational guy called Dave Coplin (@DCoplin), the CEO at Microsoft. That's "Chief Envisioning Officer" BTW! It's TLDR and it's a great leveller when reading long, tedious emails (particularly from your boss, who won't understand what it means anyway!).

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Do Something Completely Different This October

Take your hospitality to a New Found Level… In the vibrant and diverse world of Hospitality, where to take your clients, friends or VIP guests used to be the million-dollar question. Well, things have moved on somewhat and, as people become harder to surprise, inspire, engage and amaze, where to entertain is now, officially, the 63 billion dollar question.

Events Londonlaunch

Event Trends 2018 (2014 - the year in review)

2014 has been a sensational year for the events industry. There have been more corporate events staged and more venues, hotels, restaurants and event service providers booked by event organisers than any other time in the past five years.


Event Trends For 2018

It’s been a massive year for Londonlaunch. In fact, in our fifteen-year history, it’s been the biggest, busiest and most event-full twelve-month period on record. By a long way.

Banquet Londonlaunch

Events Not an Exact Science...

Imagine your perfect venue. What boxes would it have to tick? Somewhere conveniently located? Somewhere suitably inspiring? Somewhere flexible? Somewhere fun? Somewhere cool? Somewhere your guests will really want to go to?

Events Londonlaunch

Events in the Olympic Park

Unique corporate days out at the Olympic Park – cycle round the velodrome, shoot the white water rapids and experience adrenaline-fueled Olympian sports.

Events Londonlaunch

Exclusive Underground ‘Ghost Station’ available for events (coming soon!)

Four years ago City high-flyer, Ajit Chambers, stopped his bicycle and stared into a small, dusty shop in an inconspicuous alley in central London. It was a strange but magical moment, which would change his life forever.