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Unveil the secrets of PAs in events

A few years ago my sister was PA to the Chairman of a National newspaper. In her finest hour she sent him and his senior management to a pivotal meeting in Poland.

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10 London Lawns for Summer Parties

There's something distinctly British about a lawn - an expanse of beautifully manicured and glaringly green grass, which does absolutely nothing but provide a comfortingly and reassuringly uncomplicated space with no particular purpose whatsoever.

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Showcases Christmas comes early!

Twelve years ago this month, we were all set to host one of our first ever venue showcase events at St.Paul's Cathedral (a venue we still work with to this day). Following the huge success of our very first (the very first) industry showcase in 2001 at Lincoln's Inn Fields (1,000 guests showed up!), which we aptly named 'The Great Summer Showcase', such events were considered an exciting, peripatetic (look that up, it's a great word!) alternative to trade shows

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10 best loos in London

The Londonlaunch Good Loo Guide gives the low-down on the best WCs in London featuring mirrors, lips, eggs and two-way glass. Read on to discover the flush of loos we consider worthy of a Londonlauncher's pitstop.

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Trade Shows there’s a time and a place

It would be a bit ‘below the belt’ to suggest that the time and the place for trade shows was, in fact, 1995 and that now, nearly twenty years on, there are more immersive, exciting and efficient ways of sourcing suppliers and sharing ideas.

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Do Something Completely Different This October

Take your hospitality to a New Found Level… In the vibrant and diverse world of Hospitality, where to take your clients, friends or VIP guests used to be the million-dollar question. Well, things have moved on somewhat and, as people become harder to surprise, inspire, engage and amaze, where to entertain is now, officially, the 63 billion dollar question.

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Little things that make a BIG difference

It’s funny isn’t it? You spend a decade going to thousands of the most lavish, sensational, exotic (and sometimes even erotic!) events and when you’re asked to recount the most exciting thing you’ve ever experienced, it’s always something so small and simple that it makes you question spending such vast sums on anything elaborate at all.

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10 great reasons to get outta town

Events are dead. Meaningful experiences, on the other hand, are kicking and screaming their way into our collective psyche because an event is no longer even an event if it doesn't excite everyone who's there whilst simultaneously pissing off those who couldn't be there.


Best Viral videos & event tech ideas

The world has changed. Conspicuous consumption has been replaced by conspicuous frugality. Corporate advertising has been replaced by real reviews from networks and peer groups.

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Events Not an Exact Science...

Imagine your perfect venue. What boxes would it have to tick? Somewhere conveniently located? Somewhere suitably inspiring? Somewhere flexible? Somewhere fun? Somewhere cool? Somewhere your guests will really want to go to?