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Events Londonlaunch

Events in the Olympic Park

Unique corporate days out at the Olympic Park – cycle round the velodrome, shoot the white water rapids and experience adrenaline-fueled Olympian sports.

Events Londonlaunch

Event Trends 2018 (2014 - the year in review)

2014 has been a sensational year for the events industry. There have been more corporate events staged and more venues, hotels, restaurants and event service providers booked by event organisers than any other time in the past five years.

Meeting Venues

12 best places for afternoon tea meetings

London's best afternoon teas from the traditional tea at the Ritz to the quirky Gentleman's Tea at The Sanctum, and everything in between.

Unusual Venues

10 classic forgotten venues

The classic event venues are back. Choose from our Top 10 of London’s greatest art galleries, museums and grand hotels - guaranteed wow-factor included.

Banquet Londonlaunch

London's coolest urban spaces

It's no secret that an interesting (and, better still, cool) venue space results in a higher percentage turn-out and, perhaps more importantly, better levels of delegate engagement. Our extensive research tells us this but, let's be honest, so does common sense! What's even more revealing though is that the more traditional institutions - banks, management consultants, legal and accountancy firms are acutely aware of this fact and 'uniqueness' is now second only to budget in the planning process.

Hotels Londonlaunch

Hotels Strike Back Top 10 Hotel Bars

It seems that hotels are cool again. If I cast my mind back to my 'naughties' (in every sense of the word) PR days, all the coolest bars used to be in hotels. The Met Bar at the Metropolitan (formerly the coolest club in London),

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Top 10 Venues with Spas

There's nothing quite like a spa to show that you really care. Even if you really don't! Any form of preening, pampering, massaging, manipulating or genuine enforced relaxation will be well received by, well, pretty much everyone.


Old school magnificence

A few weeks ago I re-visited Rugby School for the first time in twenty years. It was an unofficial reunion which was attended by all the naughtiest boys (and sixth form girls) and none of us had changed.

Hotels Londonlaunch

London's best American restaurants

With Thanksgiving fast approaching as well as an on-trend Star Spangled Christmas season looming, here’s our roundup of London’s best American restaurants and venues for events this festive season and beyond…

Events Londonlaunch

Exclusive Underground ‘Ghost Station’ available for events (coming soon!)

Four years ago City high-flyer, Ajit Chambers, stopped his bicycle and stared into a small, dusty shop in an inconspicuous alley in central London. It was a strange but magical moment, which would change his life forever.