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Hotels Londonlaunch

Hotels Strike Back Top 10 Hotel Bars

It seems that hotels are cool again. If I cast my mind back to my 'naughties' (in every sense of the word) PR days, all the coolest bars used to be in hotels. The Met Bar at the Metropolitan (formerly the coolest club in London),

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Top 10 Venues with Spas

There's nothing quite like a spa to show that you really care. Even if you really don't! Any form of preening, pampering, massaging, manipulating or genuine enforced relaxation will be well received by, well, pretty much everyone.


Old school magnificence

A few weeks ago I re-visited Rugby School for the first time in twenty years. It was an unofficial reunion which was attended by all the naughtiest boys (and sixth form girls) and none of us had changed.

Hotels Londonlaunch

London's best American restaurants

With Thanksgiving fast approaching as well as an on-trend Star Spangled Christmas season looming, here’s our roundup of London’s best American restaurants and venues for events this festive season and beyond…

Events Londonlaunch

Exclusive Underground ‘Ghost Station’ available for events (coming soon!)

Four years ago City high-flyer, Ajit Chambers, stopped his bicycle and stared into a small, dusty shop in an inconspicuous alley in central London. It was a strange but magical moment, which would change his life forever.

Events Londonlaunch

10 Sensational Summer Event Ideas

As we shuffle off the tube, rigid beneath layer after layer of utterly ineffective drapery, the icy wind scouring our frosted faces and our frozen fingers reflecting our fractious fervour to just. Get. Inside. Our sentiments turn to summer with its warm seasonal sensibilities and sumptuous sun fuelled spiciness.

Christmas Londonlaunch

10 Funniest Christmas Party Disasters

Part of the fun of the Christmas party season is that it'll all go horribly wrong! I mean, that's partly the point of the Christmas party isn't it?


Battersea Power Station - the lost plans

In 1987 Battersea Power Station was destined to be the world’s greatest theme park. We publicly unveil the original plans for the first time ever…

Conferences Londonlaunch

10 cool conference centres

Ten of London's most unique and unusual conference and meeting venues. Choose inspiring conference venues to engage and invigorate your delegates.

Events Londonlaunch

10 most fun London venues

Events are lots of things when they're done right. Exciting, engaging, effective, immersive and inspiring. But for all of these attributes to come together and make a good event a truly great event, there's a vital, all-consuming ingredient and it all comes down to three letters. F.U.N.