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Top 10 Tech innovations for events and beyond

Technology isn’t even a thing anymore. It’s an ever present pre-requisite to the extent that we don’t even realise it’s happening. Until our battery goes. Then it’s a rage-inducing festival of fury.

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Top 10 Themed Venues

When we were kids there was something magical about parties. When even a small group of friends get together it creates a joyous dynamic, the likes of which is hard to fabricate. In fact, you simply can't fake it!


Top 10 venues for World Cup screenings

A round up of the best London venues for World Cup screenings - the perfect excuse for a sports-themed summer party.

Unique and Unusual venues Londonlaunch

Top 10 Venues with Spas

There's nothing quite like a spa to show that you really care. Even if you really don't! Any form of preening, pampering, massaging, manipulating or genuine enforced relaxation will be well received by, well, pretty much everyone.

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Top 14 Romantic Restaurants in London

It's that time of year again! The one time of year that you can be a bit of a stalker (legally) and tell someone (albeit secretly) that you like them without feeling like an idiot! On the flip side, however long you've been with someone and however regularly you do sporadic romantic things, it's one night when you're expected to do what everyone else does.

Unique and Unusual Venues Londonlaunch

Top tips for a successful product launch

London's leading venues and entertainment ideas for product launches. Find out where and how to host your next launch event.

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Trade Shows there’s a time and a place

It would be a bit ‘below the belt’ to suggest that the time and the place for trade shows was, in fact, 1995 and that now, nearly twenty years on, there are more immersive, exciting and efficient ways of sourcing suppliers and sharing ideas.

Unusual Venues

Transport Your Guests To A Whole New Realm

Event delegates are increasingly demanding and difficult to please, let alone amaze, mesmerize, tantalise and enthrall! Taking your guests to zones one and two is so last year! These days you need to transport your delegates to another world to really free their minds and get them truly engaged.

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Unveil the secrets of PAs in events

A few years ago my sister was PA to the Chairman of a National newspaper. In her finest hour she sent him and his senior management to a pivotal meeting in Poland.

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“Eventhouses” Entertaining on top of the world!

The Penthouse at 9 Eaton Square, Belgravia, was my not-so-shabby digs during school exeats. On one side we had Roger Moore and on the other, my bedroom overlooked Lord Lloyd Webber’s high-level conservatory, complete with customary white grand piano. I like to think we were rather good (if a little stalkerish) neighbours.